Outlook as a Review Tool:

Sorry to disappoint, but the title was a trick – the short answer is Out ISN’T a review tool. If you have emails, find an online review tool and a vendor to process them. I promise you the results will be well worth the effort.

So you say, but my case is too small – my client has no budget – my population only has a few hundred emails in it. Same answer.

Our firm already uses (insert review tool here), but my attorney likes paper, or it’s not up to date, or I have not used it in a while. Same answer.

I just want to take a look. I am sure we only need a few of the emails. I’m not sure any of the emails even need to be produced. Same answer.

The simple fact is that if you find the right vendor, you can give them a thumb drive of emails and they can process and host them for less than a few hours of billable time, or even the 500 pages of copy charges that you would incur should you actually decide to print them.

The fact is that the right vendors want your life to be easier. They want you to win cases. They want your clients to continue to send you business so you can continue to send them business. They do not need to retire on your next job. They want you to embrace technology and learn. In our business, an educated consumer is the perfect client.

So, you don’t consider yourself an educated consumer – SAME ANSWER – (kind of) ask your vendor. If your vendor cares (see paragraph above this one), they will be pleased to help you understand the process and the tools. Because I know this will sound familiar, a great vendor believes that an educated consumer is the perfect client.

Outlook as a Review Tool – it is not.

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