The “Comeback Kid” – Speech Recognition


When used with speech recognition tools, conversational AI (artifical intelligence) can help lawyers with productivity and collaboration while reducing costs.


Documentation is key for law firms to serve their clients, prepare for, and keep all information up-to-date. Inputting information into a firm’s legal system is time-consuming and subject to human error. Firms are also pressured to keep costs low and efficiency high for their clients. So how do firms increase efficiency without raising costs?


By using the “old” skill of dictation intertwined with speech recognition technology firms can increase their productivity and collaboration. Today’s speech recognition is not only automated, but also incorporates the power of AI to provide faster and more accurate record keeping. Productivity rises while costs reduce.


Introducing AI into speech recognition allows advanced accuracy and thoroughness that wasn’t found in older forms of speech recognition and dictation. AI also eliminates the need for lawyers or paralegals to transcribe notes. When a lawyer dictates, the software uses algorithms to transcribe the spoken words. This method can be up to three times faster than typing. Using this method also decreases the chances for human error that can occur when manually transcribing.


If lawyers are spending less time documentation everything they need for a case, client costs are decreased and risk is mitigated. Lower costs and lower risk leads to improved client experiences and a higher likelihood for repeat customers. Also, lawyers can focus more of their time on higher value tasks when they are no longer burdened with time-intensive paperwork.


While dictation may be thought of as a thing of the past, technology is bringing it to the present and future. AI-enabled solutions allows law firms to secure client retention, lower costs, and overall improve office morale by providing lawyers (and all employees) with more time to spend on important matters. This is why speech recognition can be considered The “Comeback Kid.”


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