Let Lit & More produce your legal documents.

We understand that during a trial, when you reach for a document – or refer to it – it BETTER be there and be correct.

What We Do

Expect more. Get more.

Lit & More understands what the legal industry needs and expects when it comes to document reproduction. Our staff brings over 25 years of experience in litigation services and a philosophy regarding customer service you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Quality and thoroughness throughout.

At every step of our process, our highly-trained and certified staff delivers the accuracy, quality and attention to detail the legal industry demands. We accommodate your specific situation, coming to you to perform our services if necessary and going the extra mile to ensure everything is done to your complete satisfaction.

Turnaround that’s the best around.

Our speed is another thing that sets us apart from the pack. Using only state-of-the-art high-speed scanners and printers allows us to expedite the reproduction, storage and retrieval of your legal documents consistently and reliably.

Trial Services

When your case is headed to the courtroom, you need to focus. Lit & More can handle all of your support, no matter where in Florida your trial is. We understand that during a trial, when you reach for a document – or refer to it – it BETTER be there and be correct. Lit & More will make sure you have the confidence in your documents to focus on your case.


Reliability is everything in litigation. This team is as reliable as the sunrise. I look forward to working them again soon.

Steven P, - Fort laudedale

If you are looking for a professional company with great customer service that gives you just what you ask for, call Lit & More

Mabel V, - Miami

Lit & More has been my lifesaver.

Gamble H, - Jacksonville

Lit & More helps make litigation and preparation for trial less stressful.

Debbie T, - Fort Myers

I would highly recommend Lit & More to anyone in need of litigation services.

Gemma G, - Miami

Lit & More took on my convoluted, and voluminous project with ease and confidence.

Megan L, - Tempa

Lit & More took on my convoluted, and voluminous project with ease and confidence.

Cassie R, - Tempa

I appreciate knowing if I need a file back while Lit & More is converting it, my files are just a phone call away.”

Melanie Wenke, - Fort Myers

I have worked with Lit & More for several years. Their staff always simplifies the most complex issues and gets the job done. It is such a pleasure to work with this company. I would highly recommend their services.”

Debbie Dames, - Fort Lauderdale

I was amazed. They came to our office and converted over 600 boxes to images in under six weeks. The project was completed accurately and professionally. I would not hesitate to bring the Lit & More team in on any future projects.”

Amanda Ferguson, - Fort Myers

Our E-Discovery Process

Guaranteed Quality

Our extensive document handling experience allows us to confidently guarantee the quality of the copies and images we produce. Any problems with your project will be handled by your Account Manager–even if it means coming to your location–to reproduce the project to your satisfaction, guaranteed.

Pick Up & Delivery

We will pick up and deliver your document production anywhere in the State of Florida. We ensure your document production will arrive at our facility or its final destination quickly and securely.

On-Site Service

We have the ability to bring our imaging or copying services to you. We understand that the sensitivity of certain documents means they cannot leave your site so we bring our services to you. This brings you the top-notch services of our staff all from the convenience and security of your facility.

Our Team

Great business resources from industry leaders

We are steadily growing and expanding our services and service areas.

Mike Sooley

Account Development

Email: msooley@litnmore.com
Cell: 239.289.4392
Office: 239.332.3369

Charlotte Gouchnauer
Charlotte Gouchnauer

Account Development

Email: charlotte@litnmore.com
Cell: 239.289.4392
Office: 941.587.8633


Account Development

Email: melissa@litnmore.com