Tallahassee, located in Florida’s panhandle just south of the Georgia border, is not only home to two major universities (including the famous Florida State University) and the state capital, but also to Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit.

Because of the many colleges and universities in the area (there are 8 accredited colleges in total), Tallahassee’s population is made up largely of college students. This provides the city with a young, vibrant atmosphere to offset the heavy political and legal climate trickling from the capital-located directly in the middle of the city.

Tallahassee is also home to Florida State University College of Law, located directly across the street from the Florida Supreme Court and only a block from the state capital. FSU College of Law is considered one of the best facilities in the nation as well as the number one facility in the state of Florida. Lit & More is proud to have an office in the same home as this prestige university.

When preparing for a trial, we crave nothing more than a nice cup of coffee, and there is certainly no shortage of coffee shops in this college town. LeRoc Lounge certainly sets the bar with their relaxing atmosphere and delicious menu. Partnered with a local coffee shop, Lucky Goat Coffee, you can support local business while also taking a break from all those trial binders and legal documents.

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    Tallahassee, FL 32303

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