Litigation Support – A Look Back

Way before the EDRM (practical global resources to improve eDiscovery, privacy, security, and information governance) – when the Xerox 1090 (it could could copy single sided or double sided documents, and produce them as single sided or double sided copies) was the “technology” most used in our industry – there was Nightrider.

Many of the fine, knowledgeable individuals in our industry may not know of the history that paved the way for this wide ranging, massive group of businesses and services. Would we be where we are today without the humble beginnings of this Texas company? I am sure the products and services we all use and provide would have grown out of necessity. However, would they have taken on the form that they do today?

In the spring of 1997 – Nightrider (a division of Alco Standard) began operating under the IKON umbrella. The mug pictured below shows how the transition was sold. After uncovering the mug in a basement-cleaning mission this weekend, a floodgate of memories has opened up. It’s enjoyable reflecting on memories filled with wonderful people and times.

So take a moment and go find the “old guy” in your office and ask him about how it “used to be.”


Litigation Support – A Look Back

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