10 Ways to Enjoy Work:

People spend much of their lives working. Enjoying work actually helps people enjoy the rest of life more. There are some ways to create a better work space in order to create a better life.

  1. Don’t Work – Taking the time to turn off, shut down, and unplug from the office is essential. Constantly focusing on office matters leads to burnout quickly.
  2. Respect Energy – When you’re feeling the most energetic is when the hardest work should be completed. Also, it is vital to recognize energy drains and try to avoid them. If your energy is drained, then take a moment to refill your tank.
  3. Notice Contributions – What contributions most excite you? Spending more time on those tasks will make work more exciting and enjoyable.
  4. Enjoy People – Understand the strengths and weaknesses of, not only yourself, but also your team members. It’s important to respect coworkers’ positive traits and contributions. Also, recognize their weaknesses and see if they can be retrained or reassigned to a better suited position. Working in a position that focuses on your strengths will help you excel in the office.
  5. Establish Rituals – A few rituals people like are starting the day slowly, choosing your attitude and how you show up, and creating a gratitude journal. Having some predictability and stability in your day is needed.
  6. Break Rituals – Even though rituals are important, they can get boring. It’s okay to break some rituals and create new ones. You never want to feel stale and stagnant.
  7. Discover Why – Things you don’t like are less painful when they serve a higher purpose. As yourself, “Are people’s lives better because of your contribution?”
  8. Choose Models – Take notice of what traits you admire in others. Incorporate these traits into your own life. Surrounding yourself with positive role models and mentors, in the workplace and outside, will help your overall outlook on work and life.
  9. Develop Yourself – Everyone needs support from others. It’s helpful to seek out advisers, mentors, and coached.
  10. Respect Yourself – Do more of what matters to you. You are worth creating an enjoyable work life and personal life. Understand your self-worth and what makes you happy.

Following these 10 ways to enjoy work will also help you enjoy a more fulfilling life.

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