Virtual Meeting Engagement:

Virtual team meetings have become a staple in the lives of many professionals. Webinars, video calls, chats, and video conferences are all different forms of virtual meetings. Despite the technology used to host meetings, there is always a chance that some team members may feel disengaged and not able to contribute effectively.

The good news is that there are ways to make virtual meetings more engaging. The meeting organizer can use these strategies to run interactive and practical team meetings while increasing the virtual meeting engagement.

Plant the Agenda Early and Keep Engagement in Mind

While a virtual meeting is ideal for bringing everyone together, a major drawback is that it can quickly get off track. Giving the participants a detailed schedule or plan will help them maintain focus. Even let the employees be responsible for a specific part of the schedule or plan. This immediately promotes collaboration within the group. Also, it is a great idea to have a question and answer session in each meeting. One way to do this is by using theocrat feature.

Start with an Icebreaker

If the company is mostly or entirely a remote working environment, starting with a virtual ice breaker may be needed. An icebreaker will help create strong bonds between remote teammates. Virtual icebreakers even spark informational and friendly interactions. These can even help create a more connected and open environment.

Do Interactive Polls

A live poll is a fun way to get people thinking. Depending on preference, polls can be set up for before or during the meeting. Using the sidebar feature is a great way to create and monitor the polls. When polls are started, everyone’s votes are kept private, but the meeting organizer can see all the results as they come in. Polls are also an excellent way to get feedback about the meeting, test your participants knowledge on a specific topic, learn more about the participants, and to decide things as a group. Polls are a great way to get higher level of interaction and keep a meeting energized.

Help Participants Avoid Distractions

When a considerable part of life and work is digital, it can be challenging to stare at screens all day. The meeting organizer should have some ground rules and ask all participants to follow them. Some common rules are keep hands in full view, put mobile devices away, and close all other browser tabs. Other ways to avoid distractions include calling on participants individually, start the meeting on time, end the meeting early, and plan the visual experience.

Virtual meeting engagement can be a breeze with these suggestions. Team meetings (whether virtual or in person) are one of the best ways to maintain interaction and collaboration with everyone.


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