The Business Card of the Digital Era:


Previously, the legal industry was able to choose how much it wanted to embrace technological change and was often considered too slow to adapt. With recent events, law firms and other legal businesses are forced to re-evaluate their digital strategy and approach marketing in a new way.


Improving their online presence is the first step businesses should take. It is no secret that firms check the social media account of prospective new hires. But now clients are also reviewing social media accounts of businesses before making a hiring decision. Clients like to see active accounts with virtual options for meetings, events, and collaborations. One way a business can make their social media stand out is by showcasing their strengths, expertise, and company culture. Working with digital media experts also helps to understand how to provide personalized experiences, analyze social media metrics, and provide better client support.


Websites are the business card of the digital era. Social media handles are often included on all promotional materials. It is very rare to hand out a physical business card. With websites playing such an important role, it is vital for businesses to have sites that are user-friendly and intuitive. Websites must also be easy to navigate and clearly state the benefits of working with your business compared to other competitors. Once a client has navigated to a website, their attention must be held long enough to click “contact.”


Authenticity is also a key element of a high-quality website. The best performing social media content are photos and video from the attorneys, team members, and employees of the business. Including positive stories about working with other clients is another useful tool for a successful site.


Despite everything becoming more digital and web-based, clients still want to feel genuine, human contact. Creating websites and social media accounts that are user-friendly and show businesses in a positive, authentic light is essential to thriving in the digital era.


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