Spotlight – Vero Beach:

If you ever find yourself in Vero Beach for trial, you are in for a treat. While many of your days there may be filled with trial binders, copying, scanning, trial boards, and anything trial prep, you can also spend your down time enjoying what Vero Beach has to offer. Golf, fishing, watersports, beautiful beaches, shopping, museums, nature walks, and more!

If you have some down time to enjoy Vero Beach when you’re in town for trial, check out the McKee Botanical Garden. The McKee Botanical Garden is most known for having the biggest collection of water lilies in the state of Florida. Additionally, the Vero Beach Museum of Art is an amazing way to enjoy your free time in Vero Beach. Other than the many art exhibits, you’ll find that Vero Beach Museum of Art has much more! Including an art studies library, sculpture garden, many art classes to sign up for, and more.

If you love the outdoors, check out Ambersands Beach Park. This beach access lies within Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge which takes up almost 21 miles of land. This wildlife refuge is home to extremely important habitats for sea turtle nesting. Especially important for the severely endangered green sea turtle of North America. It’s one of the most prominent nesting spots in the Western Hemisphere.

Additionally, you can go kayaking in Blue Cypress Lake. This lake is about 7 miles long and 3 miles wide. They call it Blue Cypress lake after the reflection of the cypress trees in the blue water as the sun rises in the morning. It is absolutely breathtaking. You may also spot some wildlife like bald eagles, ospreys nesting, and many different types of fish. You can even kayak or canoe right up to the tall cypress trees where the ospreys nest.

There is so much to explore and take your mind off of the stress of trial notebooks, trial boards, litigation copies, and all things trial prep. Click the link below to find out more about Vero Beach!


Spotlight – Vero Beach


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