Shortage of Wall Space:

Smaller offices today…but now we have a shortage of wall space.

Over the past 20 years, our offices have become smaller and smaller. Gone are the days of Xerox 1090s lined up. Who needs space for hundreds of boxes anymore? Technology and the move away from paper have allowed organizations like ours to operate in one-tenth of the space.

Except when it comes to wall space. Years ago when our first team member received his ACEDS certification, we placed his certificate on the wall, and have updated it as needed. We used a really nice faux-wood frame and it looked great. Over time, we added more ACEDS certificates. Then came the CEDS certifications, followed by IPRO certifications. It is easy to second-guess the decision to use such a large frame now that the walls are filled with an abundance of certificates.

Upon reflection, maybe the frames should be bigger. For it is our knowledge and experience that sets us apart from other suppliers of document review technology. When you assemble a group, like we have at Lit & More, with an average industry experience of greater than 10 years and add a strong commitment to continued training – you end up with a powerful resource. While others may be guessing about the best way to tackle a project – we have probably walked that road before.

That’s it – decision made – bigger frames it is.


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