Full time remote working may be the (very near) future for companies that want to keep talented staff. Many young professionals who work in traditional office settings are quitting their jobs to work for companies that employ remote positions.

Why are so many professionals making the move off site? Among the most popular reasons are saving money, spending more time with family and pets, improving mental health, and environmental sustainability. Interestingly, more of these professionals are women than men. Being remote also eliminates the tough choice professionals must make between accepting a fantastic job and where they want to live.

Studies have confirmed that the future of work is remote. Some even believe the traditional office setting will be obsolete for most positions by 2030. Companies who allow remote work also have a lower turnover rate than companies that do not. Employers who are unable to recognize and adjust to this shift risk missing out on the best talent for their business.

Companies who offer remote working have experienced increased sales and production from their remote employees. How are these positive results being achieved? By being able to control their environment, remote employees can maximize their productivity. Commuting and office place interruptions are no longer issues that steal time and cause frustrations. Simply removing commuting time gives employees an extra hour in their day and removes unnecessary stress. Employees with less stress are able to perform at a higher level.

Even law practices are joining the remote landscape. Virtual law firms are gaining popularity. Attorneys use Internet-based technology such as law practice management software to deliver their legal services to clients. For large printing, scanning, or copying projects that are unable to be fulfilled at home, attorneys can rely on litigation support companies for help.

With the professional landscape rapidly changing, remote working is something most, if not all, companies will need to examine. It is the next frontier.


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