Public Wi-Fi Tips:

When traveling for work or working in a public setting (such as Starbucks), many people connect to the free wi-fi that is offered. While public wi-fi is useful, it isn’t as secure as a home or corporate network. The data being transferred isn’t secure. Login names, passwords, bank details, and other personal information can be at risk on a public network. When using public wi-fi there are some things to consider.

Think About What You’re Connecting To

A wi-fi network at the airport may say “Free Airport Wi-Fi.” However, that doesn’t mean the network is being provided by the airport. With the right tools, someone could run a fake network and see what information is being entered. This can lead to data being stolen. It is important to verify that a network is legitimate.

Be Mindful of the Websites You Visit & the Data You Enter

Some networks require you to set y a password to use the wi-fi. If this is the case, make sure you don’t use the same password for any other account, especially if the password is tied to your email address. Also, remain mindful of what data you are sharing on a public network. Avoid using a public network if you need to do anything that involves sharing sensitive information.

Forget the Network When You Stop Using It

After connecting to a network, your device might reconnect to it automatically. Even though the network was safe the first time it was used, something could have changed which no longer makes the network safe. 

Consider Using a VPN

If using a public network can’t be avoided, a VPN is an option. Even if you know the network is safe and legitimate, a VPN is na extra step to help keep personal and sensitive information even safer. VPNs are a virtual private network and provides two key services. They encrypt data and disguise your IP address, hiding where you’re geographically located.

Don’t Connect at All and Tether fro mYour Smartphone Instead

The alternative to using a public wi-fi network is using the mobile data from your smartphone. If you connect by tethering, ensure the connection is secure with a complex password so no one else gains access.

Connect Using a Mobile Hot Spot

The best alternative for a public network is using your mobile hot spot. It is accessible in any public place unless reception is poor.

With these public wi-fi tips, you should have a smooth, safe, and secure experience.


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