When a paralegal wants to use technology but their attorney resists.


Switching from linear review to prioritized review – or from paper/PDF to a review tool is not hard to do with current technology. For a successful attorney that has built habits and processes for document reviews for decades, it is not just a decision it is a commitment. Even the most technology aware attorneys know not to take the decision lightly.


So, what to do when a paralegal is able to see that moving to a review tool is necessary and the attorney is “too close to the forest to see the trees”? Plaintiffs’ attorneys know that using technology increases their win percentage. Defense attorneys know it too and clients are demanding streamlined document reviews. No matter which side of the playing field you are on, for the good of your client you need to use a review tool.


Step one – Get educated.

Many vendors are offering complimentary CLEs and lunch and learns. There are tons of resources available through the local paralegal association and bar association to help you understand electronic review. If you need a few ideas to get you started send me an email.


Step two – Partner with a vendor that understands what you want to accomplish.

There are vendors that want to sell you something and vendors that want you to win cases. Find one of the latter, and explain to them where you are and what you want to accomplish. Many of us have had great success acclimating new users to the routine.


Step three – Try it.

If you are sincere in your intent, any vendor worth their salt will work with you on budget and instructions for your first case. If basic training is not free, then find a different vendor. Let your review partner (now substituted for vendor) know where you are in the process, and if your team resists too much they can provide an “escape hatch” in the form of a PDF or paper production.


Key points –

  • Clients are demanding the labor saving and increased efficiency of electronic review.
  • Everyday, law firms are being asked to do more with less.
  • You will need to embrace electronic review to stay relevant and effective.
  • Select the right review partner and the process will be a breeze.

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