Legal Industry Response to COVID-19

Over the last few months, the legal industry has struggled with the best way to respond to COVID-19. Almost overnight, law firms shifted from the traditional office setting to a virtual workspace. This was not an easy transition for the legal world as so much business is handled face-to-face. Now Judges hold court via Zoom, attorneys consistently video conference with clients, and assistance from litigation support companies is needed more than ever.

Despite this upheaval, law firms have responded to the changes quite well. They took quick action to, not only protect cash flow, but also to protect their employees. In an effort to continue having business run as smooth as possible, company leaders need to keep these four things in mind.

  1. Foster Personal Relationships – Communication is key when dealing with an ever-changing situation. Lawyers and support staff alike all need to know their leaders are continually making decisions in the best interest of the firm as a whole. It is also wise for senior management to remain in contact with all clients assuring them everything is okay.
  2. Examine Pandemic Response – It is important for management to understand what they have learned from this experience. Where there instances that were surprising? Any times they were unprepared? Do changes need to be made to any processes? All knowledge gained will prepare the company for any future events.
  3. Establish Contingency Plans – What if closure orders continue longer than anticipated? What if revenues sharply decline? Having a contingency plan in place assures any situation will be met with calmness and rationality.
  4. How Will Work Change – The legal industry will look different in a post-coronavirus world. More importance will be placed on improving current technology. Remote working will be encouraged to promote a better work-life balance. Courts may even continue holding virtual sessions which would allow attorneys to travel less.

For an industry that is often considered not too technologically advanced, the legal industry response to COVID-19 has been admirable. Law firms and other legal service companies have done a respectable job with adapting to the current times. It will be interesting to watch how industry leaders propel the legal field into a successful future.


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