Flexible Leadership for Employee Morale:

Flexible leadership for employee moral is essential. Rigid leaders with strict ways who shut down ideas cause low employee morale. There may be times where firm decisions and requirements are needed. However, flexibility has become a large part of the current workplace. Here are some ways to become a more flexible leader.

1. Ask All Employees for Input: Speaking with all employees, from the experienced to the newest, offers all types of different insights and ideas.

2. Call Attention to Employee Talents: Skills and talents are different. Employees are often praised for their skills associated with work. Acknowledging talents makes employees feel excited and willing to contribute more to the workplace. Also, a hidden talent could be discovered.

3. Understand the Needs of New Generations: It’s not uncommon for businesses to fall into the comfort of old ways. The saying is “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Because of this sometimes there is push back when the newer generation offers suggestions and ideas. There is always room for improvement and betterment.

4. Uncover Implicit Bias: This prevents dumping biases on the people you lead. Bias makes you rigid and awareness helps you be flexible.

5. Speak to Employees as Equals: Traditional leadership creates hierarchy and can make employees feel as subordinates. Speaking to everyone as equals makes employees feel that they matter. They will also feel more comfortable to speak up, work hard, and contribute.

Flexible leadership offers more benefits than just boosting morale. Flexibility ensures everyone is prepared to easily deal with unexpected change. Think of flexibility as a finely tuned muscle that can especially be used during tough times. It is also an extremely desirable quality in most businesses and workplaces today. Change is constant and employers love knowing their employees can adapt easily.


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