EDD Clients Prefer Customized Pricing

A great article in Legal Tech News highlights clients openness to subscription based services and exploring options to keep costs reasonable. Behind customized pricing, clients value trust and responsiveness.

Have a read. Interestingly, while many of us believed that law firm in-sourcing was on the rise, the article indicates that it may not be increasing at the pace we believed. Many decisions to outsource or tackle electronic discovery in-house depends on the size and complexity of the case.


“Most legal teams most value trust and pricing options when it comes to choosing to an e-discovery vendor, according the “E-Discovery Unfiltered: A Survey of Current Trends and Candid Perspectives” report conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors. The report consisted of interviews with 27 professionals in legal businesses, including eight corporate counsel, 11 in-house personnel and eight law firm partners. According to the survey, how in-house legal departments budgeted for e-discovery varied widely, with an almost equal number saying their budgets increased, decreased or stayed the same over the past year. Ari Kaplan, principal at Ari Kaplan Advisors, noted this was indicative of some organizations having spent the “past few years building up their infrastructure and their teams” and now being able to leverage cost savings.”


EDD Clients and Customized Pricing


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