Companies think about digital reinvention all the time. However, most of them fail when they try to execute it. In order to succeed, companies must have imagination and real commitment to change. They must also have the “Fantastic Four of Digital Transformation.” This team includes the Tech Rock, Data Whiz, Human Torch, and Miss Fantastic.

The Tech Rock

The Tech Rock is the leader of the digital transformation. He has a deep rooted knowledge of IT and handles the load of everyday tech operations. The Tech Rock also designs the digital transformation road map by creating a technology model to meet the company’s anticipated business needs. He is talented enough to understand what legacy technology must be preserved and what tech is holding the company back. The Tech Rock also uses his imagination to see where the company is headed and what future technology solutions will help get it there

The Data Whiz

The Data Whiz has knowledge of all things data and analytics. She understands the secret, behind-the-scenes data that many associates don’t even know exist. She understands content, value, and quantity. She creates the parameters for what data to extract and what tools are needed for the process. The Data Whiz also separates the information into two key categories – what is needed for inter-organization improvements and what is needed for customer experience. Her role is to provide the company and its users with a wonderful experience.

The Human Torch

The Human Torch paves the way for a re-imagined future and helps everyone stay on track. Mapping out a company’s digital future is a collective effort. Leaders from all parts of the company are included. The Human Torch helps the collective stay on task, mediates, and resolves any issues or challenges that develop.

Miss Fantastic

Miss Fantastic is known as the digital transformation cheerleader. She prepares associates for the new digital era and eases tensions when they arise. She collaborates with teams across the company to determine capabilities and ensure their needs are met.

By putting together a team with these four key players, companies can guarantee the success of their digital transformation.


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