Create SMART Objectives:

The idea of SMART objectives isn’t a new one. However, it can be challenging to apply to business goals. Fortunately, engaging in client feedback is an easy way to gain intel for setting SMART objectives.

Specific: A broad objective sets you up for failure because it’s difficult to know where to start. For example, if the objective is “grow your book of business,” where do you focus your effort? A well-defined objective is focused on a particular client, industry, or type of work. Client feedback can help narrow the objective because it helps pinpoint the best opportunities for growth.

Measurable: An objective must also be measurable to be successful. How do you measure “growing your book of business?” Is it measured by increasing fees received or adding new clients? Once again, client feedback can help define clear metrics around your goal. Ask clients about the issues they are facing, what their budgets look like, and if there are any other barriers. Based on the information learned, a measurable goal can be set.

Attainable: Objectives should be bold and challenging. However, they shouldn’t be so difficult that they can’t be realistically achieved. A great example is setting the goal of doubling work for a particular client within a set time frame.

Relevant: Objectives should be relevant to the client. A goal of doubling work with a client that is expecting to wrap their project. Obtaining client feedback will help clarify a client’s true needs so objectives can be relevant to their needs.

Time-Based: All objectives needs to have a clear end date. This helps keep you motivated and on track. Client feedback is vital to helping set achievable end dates. It is also important to consider the client’ upcoming priorities deadlines, and developments when setting the time period to achieve an objective.

The approach to obtaining client feedback might be different for each client. There could be formal feedback interviews or quick check-ins. Despite the format, receiving feedback will provide valuable insight to create SMART objectives that are achievable and client-centric.


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