COVID-19 Hasn’t Changed Legal Tech

The coronavirus has affected every aspect of life from education to simple things like dining out or shopping. It has ushered in, what many are calling, the “new normal.” While the legal field has been transformed, there are still some areas that have gone unchanged.

Bots – Bots aren’t new in the legal world. They are often used for automating a firm’s response to common client questions or other low-level work. With many firms undergoing layoffs and furloughs, there has been concern bots would replace people. However, staff cuts won’t necessarily lead to more bots. The size of the firm is a good indicator if a firm adopts this software. Large firms may turn to client-facing bots to handle more low-level work in order to grow their practice. Small and mid-sized firms are not expected to follow that same trend.

Tech Spending – After the initial dash to set up remote working, legal firms are not expected to spend more money on technology. Small and mid-sized firms are taking a low spend approach to cyber security for their largely remote workforce. While large firms aren’t changing previously scheduled tech projects, they also aren’t beginning any new projects.

Time Tracking Software – This type of software will still be used. Despite quarantines and a recession, billable hours are still a focus for attorneys. If anything, COVID-19 has caused legal departments to ask for more cost predictability and efficiency. Attorney and paralegal productivity will still be monitored and billable hours will always remain an important part of business.

Freelancing – It was thought that lawyers would attempt going freelance after being laid off. Instead of using freelance lawyer platforms, many proceeded with submitting resumes and reaching out to contacts for opportunities. Avoo and Lawclerk, two of these platforms, have not experienced any sort of increase in users.

Overall, COVID-19 hasn’t totally changed legal tech.

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